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VoIP @ Work

Business VoIPUsing VoIP in the office is fast, reliable and extremely cost effective. Our VoIP @ Work services are designed to scale with your business needs and can be installed quickly and with no disruption to your business operations.

As with our VoIP @ Home service you can enjoy:

Whats more our VoIP @ Work services include multi-seat systems and a host of other features including:

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Cut costs by up to 80%

The opportunities for savings with VoIP are amazing. Not only can you enjoy low cost calls and avoid incurring call forwarding charges when people call your VoIP landline number, you can also make massive savings on your internal calls.

Hosted PBX or Local PBX

Hosted PBXs are ideal for businesses with multiple branches or site offices. The hosted PBX works like a virtual switchboard and can direct customer calls to the relevant office or department with ease. Calls between your offices via your VoIP phone system are also FREE.

Local PBXs are ideal for businesses with a single site that make and receive a high volume of calls. Your local PBX allows you to transfer calls from one phone to another, hold conference calls and make internal calls free of charge.

The hosted PBX solution carries a small monthly fee whereas the local PBX solution has no ongoing costs and in many cases we will install and maintain your local PBX free of charge.