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VoIP @ Home

VoIP at HomeUsing VoIP at Home is simple, fun and cheap. Say goodbye to expensive international calls and welcome unlimited free calls to other VoIP customers.

With the CanaryVoIP service you can call the UK from just 0.01 (1 pence) per minute.

You can also get a UK or Spanish landline number mapped onto your VoIP phone so you can receive calls from non-VoIP users.

You also have portability, if you move house or apartment, simply plug your phone into your new router and you are on-line again with the same number.

Choose your Technology

Linksys SPA941You can choose between a free VoIP softphone or a VoIP enabled handset.

A VoIP Softphone is just a piece of free software installed on your computer (like Skype) which you use to make and receive calls using a microphone and headset which are plugged into your computer. Your computer must be turned on for your Softphone to work.

A VoIP enabled phone, plugs into your ADSL router and works the same as a traditional phone, it rings when someone calls your number and you can use it to make calls too.